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Shining the Holy Ark
RE: slowdown in forest dungeons

Hello, I am having the exact same issue with the game, and I am using build 0.12 beta R4. The transparencies in the forest dungeons do not work like they should and cause massive slowdown making these areas a bit unplayable. I have the compatibility setting at "full compatibility (very slow)" and the transparency hack does nothing in this case. The transparencies in these areas are not dithered transparencies, the game uses some sort of hardware trick to create transparencies.

My hardware:

Windows 7: ultimate edition (64bit)
Intel i5 2500k 3.3GHz
16GB DDR3@1600
GeForce 660 with 3GB of RAM
2TB standard hard drive

Same issue as the first person i this thread. Is it an issue with using a 64bit operating system? Or is there some sort of setting I could change in the emulator.

This is the only relevant information I can find on the net for this issue.

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