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Shining the Holy Ark
slowdown in forest dungeons

i'm playing the american version, and the game works perfectly.
i noticed issues on forest dungeons, when i approach holes where ray of light comes down the game slows down and a green texture appears, i think it's a trasparency issue.
it happens on my main pc, either with win7 and 8 installed.
on my old replacement pc the glich doesn't happen, and forset dungeons work perfectly.
has anybody experienced the same issue?

main pc:
- phenom x4@3,3ghz
- ati radeon 6900 1gb
- 8gb ddr3@1600mhz
- ssd samsung 840evo 256gb
- windows 8 64bit (same issue with win7 64)

replacement pc:
- athlon be x2@1,9ghz
- ati radeon 6450 1gb
- 2gb ddr2@800mhz
- ssd ocz agility 3 60gb
- windows 7 32bit (works fine also with xp)

PS: i tried to clear all setting and .ini files, the game image and savefiles are the same in both computers

ssf 0.12 beta r4
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