Essential Downloads
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The archives on this site differ from the ones on the official SSF site as we have added an icon so that it looks nice stuck to the Windows 7 taskbar. This also means the exe is automatically virus scanned during adding the icon although we make no guarantees, although you should always take your own precautions.

BIOS Images

SSF has a "No BIOS" option so you can often use it without having to obtain a Saturn BIOS image.
Compatibility does vary, some games work better with, some without the BIOS enabled.

Please bear in mind that if you do not own a Saturn console it may be illegal to download a copy of the ROM image.


The current release of Direct X 9.0c will need to be installed before the latest SSF will work. If SSF fails to run please try installing Direct X again.

SSF 0.12 Beta R4 ( 2013-06-08)

SSF 0.11 Alpha R5 ( 2010-04-12)

An older version, kept here in case you have problems getting the latest version to work.


Saturn Region Patcher 3.0 Gold Edition ( 2009-08-23 )

If you are going to submit compatibility reports then please use this utility to generate a Full Export for each title you submit.

This allows us to better track exactly what version of the game you tested as sometimes there are several versions in the same region, with the same product code. If in doubt, read the FAQ.

The version hosted here has an icon designed to match the SSF icon. The latest version with the original icon, as well as more information, can be found on the Madroms Homepage.

The globe image used in my SRP icon was created by YassineMrabet and is used under the creative commons license.

acpk2avi 1.19 ( 1998-01-27 )

Converts Saturn CPK video files into Windows compatible AVI files. This is better than cpk2avi as it has support for the seperate audio ADP files as used in NiGHTS and other games.

Truemotion Player 1.09 ( 1997-02-17 )

Plays the Duck Corporation Truemotion AVI files as found on Sonic 3D, Sonic Jam and other games. Has a slight glitch in the right sound channel but otherwise okay.
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The Saturn BIOS ROMs remain the copyright of Sega Enterprises Ltd.

The files on this site are intended for running Retail Sega Saturn CD-ROMs. We do not condone piracy so please do not ask where to download games, there are still quite a few available in second hand shops and eBay!