SSF Tribute FAQ
Last Updated 15th January 2009 for SSF 0.11 Alpha R2

Please do not steal this FAQ, direct people to the site so that they know where the latest version is and where to ask for help.

This FAQ Contains:

What is SSF?
What do I need to run SSF?
Why is SSF so slow on my computer?
What is a BIOS image and do I need it?
Where can I get this BIOS file?
Why doesn't the Saturn have ROMs for me to download and play?
I have the BIOS file, some Saturn CDs and SSF on my PC. What do I do now?
What keys do I use?
Can I use a joypad?
I run SSF but I get XAudio2Create error. What did I do wrong?
I ran SSF and nothing is happening. What did I do wrong?
Hey, your site says that game xxxxx should work and it doesnt. Why is this?
I wish to submit a compatibility report, what exactly do I do?