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Title Tests Images Last Version Tested Last Tested
Hanagumi Taisen Columns 0 0 n/a Never
Hang-On GP 0 0 n/a Never
Hatsukoi Monogatari 0 0 n/a Never
Heir of Zendor 0 0 n/a Never
Herc's Adventure 0 0 n/a Never
Hexen 1 0 SSF 0.05 Alpha R2 2001-09-25
High Velocity: Mountain Racing Challenge 0 0 n/a Never
Highway 2000 1 0 SSF 0.05 Alpha R4 2001-09-25
Hokuto no Ken 0 0 n/a Never
Honkaku Pro Mahjong Tetsuman Special 0 0 n/a Never
Horde, The 1 0 SSF 0.06 Prototype R1 2001-12-02
Hot Blooded Fighting Family 1 0 SSF 0.05 Alpha R2 2001-09-25
House of the Dead, The 0 0 n/a Never
Hyper 3-D Pinball 0 0 n/a Never
Hyper Duel 0 0 n/a Never
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Perfect/Near Perfect Minor Errors, Playable Serious Errors Crashes Emulator Crashes PC

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