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staurants that overlook the bay. Sets of staircases descend to a series of lower floors ( Under with antique stores, galleries and shops such as Double Dorjee (Tibetan ritual artifacts) and the Pike Place Magic Shop. Drop a quarter in a slot for a chance to glimpse the shoes worn by the tallest man who ever lived (8 foot 11 inch Robert Wadlow, who died at 22). Getting lost in the labyrinth almost guarantees you make plenty of new discoveries.

Elbow to elbow

Most visitors enter the Pike Place Market from that original First and Pike corner. Since 1986, Rachel, sculptor Georgia Gerber 550 pound bronze piggy bank, has greeted new arrivals directly beneath the tall red neon MARKET CENTER letters that rise on scaffolding above the main arcade building.

We approached this time from the north, from Victor Steinbrueck Park on Western Avenue at Pike Place. The two block gauntlet to the heart of the market begins outdoors, passing the tables of craftspeople selling jewelry and wool hats, photographs and original art. Then the sidewalk dives under cover, into the open walled main arcade.

Packed elbow to elbow with a sea of strangers, hoping no one sneezed in our general direction, we waded through the crowd. The names of the various stalls spoke for themselves. Johnson Berry Farm. Holmquist Hazelnut Orchards. Mech Apiaries. Blue Rose Dairy Goat Cheese. Chukar Cherries. Pappardelle Pasta. Uli Famous Sausage. Sosio Fruit and Produce. Purple kale blossomed at one stand; red and yellow chile peppers hung from ropes at another. I lived here, I wouldn shop anywhere else, said my friend.

On the sidewalk outside, and just across Pike Place, buskers showed off their musical talent. A bluegrass duo, that called itself Squirrel Butter, sang and played guitar and banjo. Johnny Hahn banged away at his 64 key spinet piano. Brother Willie and the Market Crew moved listeners nearly to tears with a cappella gospel tunes.

Finally we reached Pike Place Fish. giuliano mazzuoli watch A visitor stepped toward the display shelves of fresh fish and shrieked as an ugly monkfish seemed to leap off the ice at her . a standard prank of the fishmongers, who keep a hidden string handy to startle curious newcomers. Salmon and shrimp, enormous scallops and Australian lobster tails, drew plenty of attention.

A shopper requested a 5 pound salmon for shipment to the East Coast. With one shout of warning, a fishmonger scooped the sockeye from its bed of ice; in a single fluid motion, as cameras flashed almost watches dkny in unison, he sent it flying over the heads of astonished onlookers to a colleague behind watch snob girard perregaux the main counter. Two steep blocks downhill, along Alaskan Way, the waterfront has plenty of attractions of its own, from seafood restaurants to gift shops.

We enjoyed a one hour harbor cruise with Argosy Cruises. Aboard the Spirit of Seattle, whose enclosed decks allow tourists to stay warm and dry on chilly fall and winter days, we had wonderful views of the lamborghini watches replica downtown Seattle skyline. They stretched from the lacy domes of Safeco and Qwest fields, fossil men watches home of the city baseb

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