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gave rise to the Tea Party. They are undiminished today. And clearly, Obama was saying something parka Canada Goose homme he really believed, although to borrow a Romney locution inelegantly.

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I not so sure about Romney. I pretty sure he smart enough to know that the 47% he summoned was in the category of lie statistics. I pretty sure he knows that the vast majority of those people work their butts off, pay federal payroll taxes (and a raft of state and local levies) or are senior citizens receiving Social Security and Medicare. I not sure Canada Goose occasion that he has put two and two together: that a great many of the 47% the white working class voters and senior citizens are Romney voters. Or that they don pay income taxes because of Republican tax cuts and Republican child and earned income tax credits. But I am absolutely convinced that Mitt Romney has been inured to Republican fat cat audiences complaining about how much they have to pay to keep the American enterprise afloat, and that he was doudoune femme Goose well aware of the Fox Rush echo chamber formulations about food stamp growth and dependency and people not paying federal taxes, and he was playing to those prejudices. The exigencies of fundraising have forced him to spend more time with plutocrats than average citizens this year. It not surprising that he lost track of the world as most people Canada Goose boutique en ligne see it. Hell, he spending today the day after this momentous gaffe fundraising rather than trying to change the topic.

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That the biggest difference: Romney was playing to the fantasy prejudices of fat cats; Obama was trying to explain the very real prejudices of the white working class, especially and this absolutely essential part of the quote was not picked up their toward people not like them. is another difference: Obama gaffe was a minor tributary off the main story of the 2008 presidential campaign, manteau Canada Goose femme which was the economic collapse. Romney adoption of the Fox Rush neolibertarian sensibility, and t

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