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an absolute precision what designer you're wearing thanks to all the exhibitions I walk in, and the designer booklets I keep internalizing for my tailor.

I. Tights for Shalwar: In case you're not wearing tights or flashy trousers, you're way out of my league. The forbidden, baggy Shalwars that inflate into a balloon each time a little air blows, sadly put you two or three class lower in your social saddle than mine.

II. Canada Goose mantra Floor sweeping shirts or You better sweep the floor: Your number up the social class climbs as your shirt outsizes you and turns into a nice, floral, floor sweeping cloth. It's ravishing plus it also keeps your surrounds clean. Anyone with the doudoune Canada Goose solde old, average sized shirt is too paindo for me to stand or stand with. HuhI'd rather sweep you away with one swish.

III. Wearing Titan or Titanic (a local watch company): I can perfectly square you with the brand of watch you're wearing. The glittering, metallic band is surely distinguishable from the fading black belt around your wrist. So, better not wear those Rs. 200 watches if you want to stand anywhere near me. Remember, it's not about the time anyway; it's all about the show off time.

IV. Forever 21 or Forever 40: You expect me to be friends with a girl who wouldn't pass for one? Who possibly could, without wearing that branded, shimmering accessories to pose vibrant and youthful look. My friend should be a perfect designer canadian Goose closet showcasing a range of brands on her tiny, petite frame.

I. Up or down the Bridge: Do you live in DHA? It is the litmus test. No wonder an entire population is trying hard to go up the steep bridge using Rapunzel's hair for support. Once gone up the bridge there's no way down. Even my eyelashes refuse to bash southwards and you expect me to Canada Goose occasion descend down? Honestly, my friendship and associations are confined to my neighboring Khayabanis. And the rest, for me, are third world countrymen.

II. Which School are you from? Another Canada Goose victoria reveal er. Not from Grammar and or Convent or perhaps a couple of other schools who c

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