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cifically, but you get the point). Hitting the sweet spot with distance runners seemed to be only half the battle. This video was also a fantastic way of drawing attention to the Nike brand. Nike originally placed the video on the official Nike running blog, Inside Nike Running; however, the video is now available on YouTube with over 200,000 views. Nike spokesman Derek Kent said, "if you think about our consumer, digital is the backbone of their nike free run pas cher rose lives. We want to talk to them where they live and breathe." Nike understands its consumers and knows the video will reach them one way or another. Placing the video on the Nike blog was simply the starting point. The video wasn just about selling a shoe it was about selling the brand.

The Nike "Get Naked" video is quickly going viral and most feedback is positive; however, not everyone is keen on the nudity involved. A Nike consumer posted the following comment on the Nike blog:

"I have been running for over 30 years. I am by no means a prude. During the Super Bowl, the NFL has one of the highest viewer ratings throughout the year. There were approximately over 80 million viewers free run nike pas cher in this single night.

This year, the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers competed for the championship of the 2009 Superbowl. Many TV nike free run femme foot locker advertisements were played, yet one in particular stood out amongst the rest. He or she will be on the field for the coin toss and will be capable of selecting a play for the 2010 Pro Bowl. Although it was not an offer of employment, Monster was able to make people believe that they had a good chance of winning. The NFL was sure to outline that there are contest boundaries. general opinion of this advertisement is that it is very creative. To have the chance to win a job where you get to be around a sport that you love would be outstanding. If you are a football fan, this ad was cool and tempting because there are 32 chances of winning season tickets. It also gave the possibility of winning the title, Director nike Free gris et rose of Fandemonium and $100,000 on v

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