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ndez, a Juarito gang member who was found dead after being shot twelve times by the same gun that was used to kill my son Bradley. Hernandez was positively identified as the driver of the vehicle involved in the drive by shooting of Bradley and his acquaintance Rogelio. A warrant had been issued for his arrest but he was found murdered before police could take him into custody. Killed at the hands of his own gang "brotherhood" to preserve the freedom of two ruthless killers. During this interview Becerra made statements that on later review, implicated him as being actively involved in nike Free Run 2 noir rose the drive by that resulted in Brad's death. Because he was a witness and not yet nike free run femme pas cher a suspect, detectives did not read him his Miranda rights prior to his questioning. Therefore, the statements he made during the course of his questioning cannot be used as evidence against him in court. The District Attorney feels like the remaining evidence in and of itself, is not sufficient to support the charge of murder against Becerra and is not sufficient to convince a judge that there is just cause to proceed with a murder trial. If a judge were to find that there nike free run femme pas cher is not sufficient cause, all of the evidence collected thus far must be thrown out, discarded and cannot be used in the future if the murder charges against Becerra are re filed. acheter nike free run femme Therefore, in order to protect the possibility of a future conviction, based on stronger more convincing evidence, the District Attorney has opted to dismiss the current charges and Becerra will walk out of the Oklahoma County Jail a free man. My family and I were given a box of Bradley's personal belongings previously being held as potential evidence. The Assistant District Attorney made this announcement, gave us little to no other explanation and stated he was very sorry. We left the courthouse feeling a level of despair and devastation that is completely indescribable. Devastation made worse by the fact that this outcome was completely unexpected. The unimaginable had suddenly become a horrific reality.

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