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the ultimate convenient gift for all parties involved."

The pitch recommends online ordered socks as an alternative to such drab, unimaginative gifts as a Kindle, iPad, smartphone or laptop computer. It mentioned the ease with which customers can "cross any number of male friends and family off your shopping list without having to endure the chaos and stress of the mall at holiday season."

Okay, maybe there are dads, husbands and boyfriends who would prefer to have lovingly e purchased socks arrive in the mail every month than than to receive a Kindle, iPad, smartphone or laptop under their Christmas tree. That reason is my family.

I have not purchased a pair of socks in decades because I can always count on nike Free Run 3 femme noir my dear old gritty mum to steer her SUV the old fashioned way out to the mall and buy me in person more socks than I can wear out in a year.

I am 55 years old, and this continues to be true.

Last year's sock gift was, I believe, a dozen pair of thick Nike athletic socks that left strange black cotton lint on my feet when I removed them. I'm pretty sure they were not made with the kind of organic, free trade cotton that Blacksocks claims to have in all its socks. I'm also fairly certain that they were not as nike free run 2 norge Blacksocks claims its products to be made in Italy.

I still wear the Nike jock socks, though, because they were purchased by my free run 2 pas cher mother. The lint problem has Free Run 5 rose gone away.

My family has a rich tradition of buying for each other Christmas gifts that consist of things we would ordinarily buy ourselves. It makes for a lot of packages under the tree and a lot of gift wrap, but we can save money on things we would buy ourselves to spend on things for other family members

Some would ask, "why bother?" They might argue that gifts should be something extra and unexpected.

Neckties, belts, undewear? I haven't purchased any of them in a long time, either. I could get my son three deliveries of three pairs of socks for $89, or about $10 per pair.

Just to check, I asked mom where she

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