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s in exchange for money?! You should hit on them. After all, you TMve been drinking all night, so your charm is at epic levels, and hey, you TMve been leaving him/her dollar tips, so you TMve earned a place in their heart. We bet they NEVER get hit on by patrons with sloppy, misguided intentions to sleep with them after last call. You should definitely go for nike Free Run noires it.In case you haven TMt caught nike free run norge salg on yet, we TMre employing the literary device of irony, which means that we think it TMs a VERY bad idea to hit on a bartender/tendress. Especially when the bar TMs floodlights have just gone up, and they are screaming at you to leave their establishment.If you must hit on this beguiling barkeep, here TMs a tip: wait for another chance to strike up a conversation when you TMre good and sober. Perhaps early in their next shift, before you TMre wearing your tie as a headband. Long Island Ice TeasIsland Iced Teas are like the Costco of beverages. We TMll all for buying in bulk when it comes to cereal or paper towels, but drinking a highball filled to the brim with five different alcohols is almost never okay. What it tells the bartenders is would like to get as drunk as possible while paying this bar as little of my money as I can. Long Island Iced Tea is a very unsexy badge of thrift, but it is also a signal to the free run pas chere world that your future involves falling to the floor. Or worse, your best friend holding your hair back. Barfing. Anywhere.brings us to vomiting. Never okay, as far as bartenders are concerned. There are a few occupations which justify contact with vomitus, but they are noble professions, like surgeon or coaster test simulator. Bartenders are on their feet all night making minimum wage, and your half digested dinner is one of the last things they should have to reckon with at closing time. Keep their nike Free Run pink suffering in mind when ordering beyond your liver TMs means.A good rule of thumb for keeping your wits about you and your dinner inside your body? One drink an hour followed by a glass of water, and no more than four cock

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