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Welcome to the new SSF Tribute message board!

Please excuse the mess, I spent a lot of time getting the PHP and database exactly right so the interface is still a little limited.

The only thing you need to know is the subject goes in the box at the top, the message goes in the big grey area underneath. I will make things clearer in the coming days, I just wanted to get it online quickly to tie everything together.

The full version will of course have smileys (they are actually already here but there is no shortcut to insert them in your post yet) and you will also be able to assign your post to a specific game from the Saturn games list. This will mean when browsing a game on the compatibility list it will also show message board posts related to that game. The idea being if you have problems getting a game to run you can post about it in here first before submitting a compatibility report, and any solutions will automatically be linked back to the compatibility list.

Its all great in theory, lets just hope some more people drop by and test everything out. Well that, and I have to write that part of the code yet. But that will actually be the easier part.
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Welcome to the new SSF Tribute message board! by alexatkin 03:32 2010-01-18