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Further improved the message board/compatibility list integration

The message board threads about a given game are now correctly listed on its summary page. This was always supposed to happen but as so few people were using the message board I put off fixing the bug preventing it functioning correctly.

I have also tweaked the message board some more so that only the thread starter can change the game it is categorised under. There was no good reason to be able to change it as only the first post (the thread starter) is assigned to the games summary page anyway.

I have also changed the layout of the message board thread list as I felt the old layout was too confusing. As part of this it now combines the game title and subject into a single line which makes more contextual sense.

Posted by alexatkin on 3rd July 2014Older


X-Men: Children of the Atom

Emulator Region Serial Tested By Tested On
SSF 0.12 Beta R4 U T-8108H Remmirath 2014-02-15